Cesena: casa dolce casa!

Fontana del Masini in the heart of Cesena

Welcome to Cesena, Italy! Cesena is my home for the next few months as I work as an Au Pair for a loving family here in the beautiful country of Italy! My new home is in the region of Emilia-Romagna in the North Eastern part of the country and is roughly a thirty minute drive from the Adriatic Seashore. Cesena is a relatively small town, making up half of the Forli-Cesena province, and is a place not often seen by tourists or foreign travelers. Cesena is perfect for me! I like to refer to it as non-intimidatingly explorable. I am fortunate to be staying in this attractive small cozy town that is rich with the culture, history and beauty Italy is famous for…

Over the next few months I plan on traveling around Italy and any other part of Europe I can manage to reach! I want to make the most of this visit.. and to me that means inside and outside of the walls of my new home and also within myself.  This is an adventure of learning, teaching, self-exploration and European exploration! I have so much to see, learn and share. In my interactions with my new family and friends I can see all of the building blocks of these relationships slowing manifesting before my eyes, only the foundation of freshly blooming interpersonal experiences and shared learning!

I plan to share everything that is striking to me.. anything from meaningful moments, to the breathtaking sights, or even personal challenges experienced by a traveling human.. I intend for this to be real, passionate and full of light and wisdom! I hope you enjoy the journey!

Con Amore y Luce, Ciao!

P.S. – I am shooting tons of film during this trip but I am still seeking convenient developing and CD image transferring, meaning all of the photos (for now) are shot from my cellphone so bare with me on the quality! Sometimes I am surprised with it and other times I am grateful for the day I can incorporate the film!


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