Santarcangelo di Romagna and Rimini

This is a photo entry of the day I took a 20 minute train ride east to visit my friend Fabrizio in his home town of Rimini. He planned the day for us a short drive away in the small hill-top town of Santarcangelo, another rustic cobblestone road traced town with breathtaking views to add my favorite places in Romagna. Then we spent the evening in Rimini strolling around the historic town center, eating gelato, walking to the Adriatic and meeting friends for some card games at a bar on the pier. I learned a lot about Rimini’s integral role in the second World War and saw a number of memorials for European and American casualties that died during the two years spent defending the city from German invaders. I also learned a new Italian card game and sucked at it!

Over all it was just another glorious day spent exploring Italy…

Life is good!


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