San Martino di Castrozza: The Alps!

This was a trip that surpasses all words and other forms of communications. Until the moments I spent in the Mountains with the Venturi family I was exposed to Italy’s stunning cityscapes and gladly marveled over the different architectural styles and history. Somehow this trip can not be described in the same way as the other adventures.. mostly because I spent almost every minute in utter disbelief and humbling awe.

The first day I spend out walking around snowy mountain trails in an Alpine national park. There was snow everywhere and I realized how foreign it is to me… I felt like a kid, constantly desiring to throw myself into it, randomly eating the parts that were brightly white and looking so refreshing, marveling over how it moves when it’s manipulated.. seeming to welcome the slightest touch. There was so much to awe over.. the way the white blankets seemed to fit so snuggley around the trees and vegetation… the mountains peaking through trees in every single surrounding view.. the tiny stream weaving through the park. Then the most magical part.. the snow falling. I realized that I have never stood in the snow before and enjoyed the delicate white flakes melting into my skin or floating to the ground.. I felt them encountering my face and embracing the contact with my hair, cheeks, eyelashes.. It was as if I was unknowingly participating in a playful dance with nature… when I emerged from the trails, exhausted from all of the miles of uphill trekking there she was, the moon, in all of her humble grander! I had to have a laugh-out-loud “are you kidding?!” moment when I saw her rising high above the mighty mountains. It was a necessary reminder of my strength and served as the most excellent finale to my adventure.. a glowing demonstration of nature’s might and inexplicable perfection

The next day was snowboarding in the Alps!! The car ride North about 45 minutes was the most gorgeous drive of my life.. to say the absolute least. Winding in and out of the mountains, getting the observe them from all angles as we passed around and around nearing our destination at the top…

I don’t even know what to write here.. it felt like a dream.. the ski lifts views.. the snowboarding.. looking out in utter exhaustion from my activity and thinking.. no way.. I am in the Alps.. I am snowboarding in the Alps.. it was so vast.. all of it! The landscape.. the trees, the mountains, the sky, the snow, the trails.. they went on forever.. we went higher and higher on the lifts and saw sights that are only thought to be fantasy. I just remember stopping in the snow. I was panting and shaking from all the adrenalin and I was trying desperately to really take in WHERE I was… but I don’t think it happened. I was thinking about how I would talk about it later and maybe then it would feel real “oh yeah I snowboarded in the Alps once”.. but it was happening NOW and yet it just felt like nothing and everything all at once. I still haven’t really processed that this happened.. and that it was one of the most INCREDIBLE experiences of my lifetime.


5 thoughts on “San Martino di Castrozza: The Alps!

  1. You have such a beautiful eye with the camera and such a way of putting into words the indiscriable, that I can almost feel like I am right there sharing this with you! In spirt I am with you always!!!!

  2. I love this entry Dani. I love how you described not being able to really take in the realness of NOW. And thinking about how you will describe it later. I feel like I do this so often. NOW is so intense! This looks like it was so amazingly beautiful. Especially through your eyes.

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