Ode to Italy: the beauty of painful growth


My time in Italy has drawn to an incomprehensible end. I feel alleviated. despaired. joyful. accomplished. With interpersonal dynamics as intricate and complexly humbling as the weaving mountains and mammoth cathedrals this whirlwind of compounded experiences has been a great voyage of mind, body and soul. I have never felt so little. I have never struggled more. I have never been shown just how selfish, lazy, weak or childish I can be. I have never had such an opportunity to see so much of myself or the beautiful world we inhabit. Now sitting in another country I actually miss the strife. I miss that growth that falls hand in hand with the constant reminder.. that insistent mirror of your most bruised parts and the contrasting glory of the unparalleled majesty that is Italy. Nothing has been more insightful. The loneliness. The tears. The crushing of an ego. The humbling realization that no matter how many people love you on the other side of the world, THIS IS WHO YOU ARE NOW. This is how you are being seen. This is how you are wrong. This is how you handle struggle. This is how weak you are. This is how you mess up everyday. This is how stupid you are. This is how you never understand. This is how incapable you are. This is your life now. Is this who you are? NO. NO. NO.

This is how you don’t get swallowed by the ego that surges up when every element surrounding you tells you that you are wrong. This is facing your weaknesses and being selfless.. and how LISTENING and LEARNING and not harping can make you feel like a conqueror… thank you Italy for breaking me down and allowing me the time to find my strength.

I am forever changed.. gratefully and humbly yours..





9 thoughts on “Ode to Italy: the beauty of painful growth

  1. Beautiful! We all need these experiences to help us appreciate and elevate. I can definitely say I’m speaking with everyone here, we miss you, we love you and now that you’ve “explored” yourself, come back home to the place that composes happiness for you.

  2. Oh Beautiful Danielle, We over here on the other side of the world do love you so very much for EXACTLY who you are no matter what county or planet you are on! I for one, love the differences in you, your personality, your strengths, your views and believes. It makes you who you are and uniquely you!! You are the beautiful, strong, amazing, intelligent, fearless, and yes, sometimes stubborn, Danielle Stormes and there is not another soul on this earth that is you. I love you and am so glad that you had this experience and i’m even more excited that you are finally coming home soon!

    Your Momma :)

  3. <3 I lovingly await a gigantic hug from you, Miss Dani Stormes!!! <3 I am absolutely overjoyed that you are traveling with your hunnie right now. Enjoy, learn, grow, do all that you do and then come home to Orlando and share your energies!!!!!!!! <3

  4. Dani this lovely honest post touched my heart at the core. Your written words sound like the words that I’ve been hearing in my mind over and over again recently. Thanks for sharing.

    I leave you with these words. “Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?”. Peace, ~gailanne

    • mm that is a good quote, thanks for sharing it!

      I am happy this resonated with you, I guess it really is a part of life to go through struggles and strife.. it is how we learn the best places to grow because growing it isn’t just aimless.. like plant roots.. sometimes it doesn’t work and they need to switch directions or dig deeper somewhere else or maybe push harder to get past a rough spot… it is just how you react and what you do with the situation that you have. Right now.

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