the birth place of my father

At 9:30pm on January 24th, 1965 after a spaghetti dinner with my grandfather and some friends, my grandmother’s water broke two weeks early at their home in Troon, Scotland. My grandfather was in the Military. Shortly after my grandmother’s graduation from high school the two were married and they moved to Troon where my grandfather was stationed for the next two years. Immediate after my grandmother’s water broke that night she said “I felt the head!” and realized there was no time to go to the hospital. Two hours later my dad was born in the bed of my grandparent’s, into the hand’s their Scottish neighbor’s “practically on call” midwife (the neighbor had many kids born at home). My dad has never been to his birthplace but I had the opportunity to stop by on my UK road trip with Justin. It was a short stay but I had a nostalgic time imagining the small town 47 years prior.. inhabited by my young grandparents, not older than me, newlyweds, pregnant with their first, living the Military life in a foreign country… all I can think now is “I know would have been my grandma’s best friend.”


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